Measurement system consultancy, audit, validation and inspection
As we know, measurement is vital for many industries as it can be classified as a cash register. Therefore, the trueness of reading recorded is important.

Here, with measurement consultancy in metering concepts, project execution and studies related to matters pertaining with hydrocarbon. This allows us to investigate the entire aspect and provide recommendation and solutions at early stage.

To maintain assurance and compliance; audit, validation and inspection support plays a role proving confidence that the measurement is still within agreed buyer/seller tolerance and
statutory obligation.

Metering project engineering from conceptual design to build
Every contracting work is a complex business where thorough coordination is vital for a smooth completion.

Our competent project management team with necessary skills and experiences will always guarantee the success of project undertaken. We are a team with comprehensive project implementation knowledge in planning, executing, controlling and handling of projects to meet clients’ requirements with participation in HAZOP; on timely delivery of projects; deliver projects within budget mutually agreed; and deliver projects of acceptable quality.

At FLOSYM achieving teamwork and self-motivation in each of project personnel are our mutual goal, as an “enjoyable” environment holds the key to success in project management. Our commitment and promise to clients are to meet their specific requirements and to achieve clients’ satisfaction.

Engineering support (testing, writing procedures, etc.), training and commissioning services The experience gained throughout the years in flow measurement allows us to provide support services post projects design/build with specific documents such as procedures / manuals that is tailored with client engagement and site operations.

The modular service is called TACT, as its definition, and our team practices the same on each phase of the methodology
T – Testing
A – Accepting
C – Commissioning
T – Training
For the satisfaction of our clients, we are flexible to client requirements and work to ensure the highest quality customer service. We deliver comprehensive solutions dedicated to different industries.

Controls, Instrumentations and Process automation Working closely with technology partners to deliver complete solutions is our commitment at FLOSYM. We take an extra step to operate as “agent” for specific measurement and industrial products.
Additionally, automation aspect which allows simplified solution where minimum intervention is required to increase productivity with guided and strutted logic’s.

As part of our growth plan at FLOSYM, we would to introduce SMART unit. This unit would be dedicated to respond as soon as possible to our clients’ maintenance and operation related problems / issues.
S – Support
M – Maintenance
A – Assist
R – Recovery, and
T – Troubleshooting