• System design
  • Control panel, schematics
  • Control and loop diagrams
  • General Arrangement drawings

Intelligent automation is not simply the deployment of digital tools; it represents a new way of thinking that allows companies to constantly discover, learn, change and grow as they strive to meet business objectives.

Intelligent automation is the smart combination of skilled people and digital workers to capture the full benefits of emerging technologies. This is not a technology issue. It’s a critical business strategy, and it requires leaders to consider the big picture:

At Flosym we use the latest technology in software to make our designs in 3D models for testing and perfect measurement purpose before building for the client.

The endgame is not automation for the sake of technology. Oil and gas companies should strive to find the ideal blend of human and machine capabilities in every function, and use the resulting productivity gains to redeploy employees to tasks that can improve business results.

The Software we use